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Hi there. We probably haven’t met. I’ve had this space for about ten years, but fell into a non-updating phase that lasted more than five years (new job, new place, long commute), but I’m ready to give it another go in 2015.

I’m Eva; I am a marketer. I dream and explore as a reader. I see the world as an amateur photographer. I observe the world as a commuter and introvert. I found excitement as a rock-climber (and hope to return to that soon.) I get sentimental and soft around my cat. I sometimes waste money as a rabid consumer, and I take pride in being a decent cook and baker. I fit conveniently into trees. I am comforted by Doctor Who and tea. Fair warning: I tend to prattle on.

You can expect photos, stories, pop culture nonsense, musings on life and work and the world, humor (of the sarcastic, geeky, and corny varieties), and whatever else tickles my fancy. 

Follow me on the Instagram! Explore my love for 80s music with this Spotify playlist! I rarely use Twitter, so I won’t even bother. To connect professionally, here I am on LinkedIn. For anything else, you can try eva at researchgirl dot com.



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  1. 19/10/09 I discovered yesterday that I am in stage 4+ of Keinbocks disease, I had an MIR scan which shows complete collapse of the lunate bone.

    I have developed this condition, due to medical negligence of my doctors. On 24/11/04 I had a fall at work on spilt coffee and I fell on my right wrist. I went for X-rays which showed no fractures and was discharged and told to just take pain killers that I had deep tissue damage, which would resolve itself. My doctors said if there was no fracture initially then it would take a while for the pain to go. Last October I went to the doctors again, still with the pain in my wrist unable to barely move it forwards or backwards, due to the incredible pain. They again told me to take painkillers and sent me for physio to try and strengthen my wrist. I had physio for 6 months, where they massaged and done their best to force my wrist forward, which was unbareably painful. After six months they said would I like to try a steroid injection to try and reduce the pain, which they gave me, but the pain was still there. They brought in a hand held scanner and tried to scan it, but couldn’t see anything and so refered me to my local hospital to do some x-rays of my wrist to see what was going on. My wrist was x-rayed and the Dr. couldn’t believe that I had been left for 4 yrs and 8 months at the time with this pain, he said that my lunate bone had been crushed and had all crumbled away and no wonder I had pain, the blood supply had been affected and the bone was dying. He said he needed to refer me to a wrist specialist. I had another appointment and more xrays were taken, which showed the same problem. I was told at the time that I needed an MIR scan to see what other damage had been done and depending on the results would determine what if anything could be done. I was told that if they could save the bone then they would try to connect ligaments and blood supply back to the bone. If they couldn’t save the bone then they would have no option than to take the three bones away which sounded very drastic. I went away and done some research and thats when I discovered the disease Keinbocks Disease.

    I had my MIR scan results yesterday, which showed that I am in stage 4+ of Keinbocks Disease and that the bone on the x-ray had completely dissapeared. I was told there is nothing they can do to bring back the bone and there are two drastic operations, either fit a mental plate and fuse all the bones together and have no movement at all, but have some strength back, or have the scaphoid bone and the other bone taken out, which will shorten my wrist and obviously not be normal anymore. I asked lots of questions, and I am now being refered for a second opinion, I was told to choose between the operations. Looking at the removal of the bones, looks a better option and will leave me with some movement and hopefully reduce some of the pain. I was told by the doctor yesterday that my own doctors were aware that I had Keinbocks Disease, but didn’t bother to tell me about it, or take steps to solve the problem and so I am left with this terrible operation. I feel let down by my doctors and I am going to try to claim for medical negligence. They should have taken steps to reduce my pain and made me aware so I could have made a choice if I wanted an operation or not, maybe if they had acted when they first found out that I had this rare condition I wouldn’t be facing this operation and left with an abnormal wrist for the rest of my life.

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