View of the kitchen at Holeman & Finch Public House in Atlanta

View of the kitchen at Holeman & Finch Public House in Atlanta

The title advice of this post comes from a friend. It’s his theory, and it’s been proven several times over in chain restaurants as well as more upscale establishments. It was borne out again on Tuesday night. Last week, I was in Atlanta, Georgia for the first time. For a total of 29 hours. For work. It was a one-day meeting, but my friend/co-worker and I flew in on Tuesday afternoon, did a few hours of work, and realized we were both ravenous. We were in that state of hunger where you can’t even think about what “sounds good” or “I’m in the mood for…”—you just need some goddamn food already. Between Yelp and Zagat and whatnot, we researched and it came down to two places. The decision-maker was a phone call to each establishment to ask what the wait time was. The winner was Holeman & Finch Public House because they said, “There’s no wait.”

This ended up being a great kindness on the part of the universe. It sent us to quite possibly one of the best dinners I’ve had in a very, very long time. There was also a super tasty drink involved: The Strayhorne, which consists of rye, apple jack, barolo chinato, honey, cardamom bitters, orange bitters, and orange swath. So good.

The rest of the meal was shades of awesome: dill meatballs with blood orange jus, beet salad with chevre, arañitas with chicharonnes and cilantro, pickled satsuma with peanut ham, a shrimp roll, cornmeal fried oysters, flank steak with butternut squash and ramp vinaigrette, and sticky toffee pudding.

A+++++ Would eat everything again.

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