one doorway

Doorway into a room in a 300 year-old church in Poland, which is undergoing restoration. It’s the church my father was baptized in.

I won’t try to catch up on practically three years of posts. In summary: new job, new place, adopted a cat, got a new camera, did some traveling, and now I’m sitting on my couch writing this.

Right now, I’m thinking about entrances and exits (see photo). New opportunities or people who come into your life and then become an inextricable part of it. Conversely, the difficult decisions we make when we have to leave a place we love or cut ties with people who have been part of our lives. I’m thinking about times that we believe we’re trapped — either because we simply overlooked the way out, or because we have convinced ourselves it doesn’t exist. But it’s always there… it’s simply difficult to walk out into the unknown. Where you are now, though, was once terra incognita, so what’s the issue?

I’m thinking about invitations and welcome. I’m thinking about how happy I was when I received an invitation to the wedding of a friend I’ve known since high school, and how happy I was when a new friend agreed to accompany me there so I’d have someone to talk to and enjoy myself. I’m thinking about how one of the main reasons I’d like to buy a house is so I can be a good hostess, have a place to make my own and turn into a comfortable home. I’d like to invite friends and family to dinner and make them feel welcome, and show gratitude for how welcome they’ve made me feel over the years.

There’s no rush. There’s a purring cat resting his head on my leg. It’s 20 degrees outside, but it’s nice and warm in here.

I’ve sorted out the PHP issues with my blog so I can get back to writing (hello!) and posting photos and whatnot. This has been on my list for two years. TWO years. It took under 10 minutes to repair. Why did I wait so long? I don’t know. But here I am.

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