This will not be an interesting post. I’m writing tonight simply to stay in the habit. Sometimes that’s the most important thing. It’s like exercise; you don’t have to make yourself sore every day, but you should do SOMETHING to keep things moving. I have anecdotes that might be well-suited to writing up later… but they deserve some pretty words. And a photo or two.

I believe in getting settled in to a new environment as quickly as possible. There are certain things I always have at my desk – ample scrap paper/notepads, a calendar, tissues, hand cream/moisturizer and lip balm. In this photo, you can see some relative placement:

Cleanliness next to godliness (kinda)

Cleanliness hovering near godliness - kind of. Buddhists can weigh in.

(The hand sanitizer’s a new addition – between the train and the subway? Extra precaution.)

I am also marveling at how close to precisely twelve hours long my workday is. Yes, this is the parking garage ticket. Yes, it really says $3.00. Yes, for twelve hours of parking. This is one of the benefits of living in New Jersey, near a large commuter train station that happens to be at a large state university, thus requiring ample parking for commuters, students and faculty… and somehow, some way, that keeps costs L-O-W.  Incroyable! When I worked in Hoboken, I could get eight hours of parking for $18. In DUMBO, three hours of parking set me back $32. Go figure.

No, really. Get out a piece of paper and do the math. I know some of them don’t charge “by the hour” but rather “x” the first hour and “y” for every hour after that, or “x” for up to “y” hours, and so on. If we assume straight hourly rates, though…

NJ Transit parking garage at Montclair State University: $0.25/hr.
Hoboken: ~$2.25/hr.
DUMBO: $10.67/hr.
Various parts of Manhattan: might be worth hunting for street parking – or getting a ticket.

In all cases, YMMV. This is just my story.

12 hour day

I'm not the only one who keeps military time.

I am extremely happy the weekend is just about upon us. I have much to do and far less time to do it in.  Oil change, post office to return a dress I ordered that’s just too low-cut for anything, bringing clothing donations to Goodwill (must sift through remainder of old don’t-fit-me-anymore clothes first), brother’s birthday brunch and/or dinner, getting a run or two in since I’m feeling sedentary… and sleep. I want sleep.

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