… on an already packed A train, a homeless man shoved his way aboard with a rusty hand-truck. He didn’t look at anyone and I didn’t see if his eyes were even open, but he kept repeating, “‘Scuse me… gotta make room for my cart.” At first, no one moved. Then he let go of the cart and let the jostling of the train send it bumping into peoples’ backs and legs and arms. The train was crammed full of people, so it was a domino effect – cart into people, people into other people, so on and so on. We found ourselves squeezing closer and closer together as passengers tried to get out of the way of the cart and the man. Finally, a woman gave up her seat since the cart kept smashing into her knees; the man sat down and pulled the cart alongside his leg, where it kept smashing into the shins of the woman seated on his other side. She got up at the next stop; he spread his legs across three seats, gave a sigh of satisfaction and slept for the rest of the way between 14th Street and the High Street/Brooklyn Bridge station, where I left him to it…

… I stopped at a department store after work to buy some t-shirts, a work-appropriate blouse or two and some jeans. On the way out, the sun had already set, but there was still enough half-light to make the clouds glow. The wind kicked up and it got quite cold; since it’s still humid, it felt terribly clammy and colder than it is. The little mounds of nature they place in the parking lot, partially to keep people from speeding through it and partially to lend an air of pleasantry to the asphalt landscape, has been mulched recently and, in the humidity, gave off the pungent earthy smell of decaying wood and rotting organic matter. Yet, for some reason, between the clouds and the half-light and the breeze and the cold, I still found that moment, when I walked outside into the smells and sensations, quite enjoyable…

… I bought an overpriced bar of chocolate at an overpriced grocery store in DUMBO. Why? I wanted good chocolate, and the wrapper was just too lovely to pass up:


FINE & RAW chocolate wrapper. Pretty.

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