The pollen count is at its highest in years. Every morning, I have to run the windshield wipers on my car to remove a new layer of lime green pollen.

As of yesterday, I am sick-sick-sick with allergies, despite the fact that I’ve been taking my Zyrtec for the past two months. Having started my new job just over a month ago, I’m in my one-month-no-insurance limbo until May1st, at which point I’ll be marching into the allergist’s office and seeing what the hell I can try next. New RX meds? Allergy shots? There’s got to be something.

In the meantime, I have Sudafed – the kind that you need to show ID to purchase.

Not exceeding the legal limit.

All I can think to do is sleep… I can’t really focus on much of anything with this sinus headache that continues down into neck pain… my eyes are watery and red and swollen… and you know it’s bad when a co-worker comments on how tired you look and you’re not at all tired.

My TPH (tissues per hour) rate was only 3 yesterday. Today? Three-quarters of a full box of tissues since I woke up this morning.

Fellow sufferers: I advise the use of a sinus rinse. I advise drinking lots of fluids. I advise the purchase of a tube of Boroleum ointment for soothing inflamed nostrils.

I only wish I could taste food. I am hungry and can’t even think about eating because everything tastes of cardboard.

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