I sort of didn’t remember it was St. Patrick’s Day until I arrived at Penn Station and started seeing people wearing green shamrock antennae/headbands, I “shamrock” NY t-shirts, etc. And men wearing kilts. There were many of those.

I didn’t think about St. Patrick all day – until I got on the subway and started seeing lots of young people (teenagers, college students) stumbling around at 5:15, smelling of beer. For about 5 stops, I shared a subway car with ten naval officers, who crowded aboard and one announced, “Everyone get comfortable; we’re in the navy!” I think they might have been celebrating, too, since their conversation wasn’t exactly linear and only one of them was paying attention to the station stops.

Also, there were two men in kilts carrying briefcases. Oh, holidays.

These days, I leave the house at 7am, get home at 7pm, and have about 3-4 hours to myself before I get up and do it all over again. It’s not too bad now that I’m getting into the swing of things and am sleeping through the night. It was a bit dicey for a while since I was so anxious about oversleeping that I would get up numerous times in the middle of the night, resulting in almost no sleep at all.

Of course, I have lofty goals for those 3-4 hours: going running, doing some cleaning, eating some dinner, catching up on email and reading. And, of course, I end up changing into pajama pants and plopping into a chair or right into bed to watch a movie or read. Tonight: watching “Flying Down to Rio“, the movie where Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were first paired, though they are not the stars of the film.

I meant to watch “The Hurt Locker” since that just arrived from Netflix, but I think it needs a bit more attention than I can currently give it. I’ve been falling asleep or drifting off in the middle of movies lately… I’ll save it for the weekend when I am awake during daylight hours and able to focus on something for more than 15 minutes.

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