Over the last couple of years, photography has risen to the top of my hobby list. It’s up there with reading and rock-climbing. Since WordPress and Flickr have this nifty widget/plugin going on, it’s extremely easy for me to post a photo directly from Flickr. “Why not take advantage,” thought I, “and post a photo every day or so?”

I’m sure I’ve written about this at some point before now, but it bears repeating. My father (an artist, graphic designer, photographer, etc.) once told me that being a photographer is being a slave to the moment. Well, he said it in Polish so I’m translating and paraphrasing, but you get the idea. I’m always very pleased when I manage to catch a moment — for example, this one. Flying back from San Francisco, I managed to get a pretty clear window and kept my camera out almost the entire time since it was a fairly clear sky.

I love how this photo captures earth, water, wind, sky and metal, all in one frame. A moment later, that lake would have been somewhere else in the shot:

Fly Over

Flying back east from SFO

I’m even happier when I catch a detail that seems like it would go unnoticed or unappreciated by most people. I  can say this with some confidence; my father has noted that while he tends to go for the big picture, panorama, beauty shot of things, I focus in on details that capture the essence of a place or moment in a very effective way. My friend Krys told me that she’d never think to take a photo of a rusty railing – the photo in question is one of my favorites. I apparently photograph lots of rusty objects, but I don’t want to show them all here. I’ll save them for future POTDOS posts:


Rusty railing on a taxi in Barbados.

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