And to make up for that bit of buzzkill in the previous post, here’s some music.

It’s actually not particularly soothing – I mean, unless it’s playing sort of quietly in the background – but I’m REALLY digging on the first one for its hypnotic (some might call it boring and repetitive) qualities, and the second one just makes my pancreas feel like it could totally have moves like Shakira.

Or something. It’s a good thing, regardless, because I am NOT a girl known for shaking… well, anything beyond a carton of pulpy orange juice.

Listen, and let me know if that makes any sense. I am tired, after all.

First, “Angel Echoes” by Four Tet, off of the new album, “There Is Love In You”:


Then, “Melt!” by Flying Lotus, off of the album “Los Angeles” (aka Shakira pancreas song):


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