I’m starting a new job tomorrow. I haven’t started a new job in more than 4 years. Crazy.

I’ve already had to change my first commute plans twice; the heavy rains in the Northeast over the last 3 days have led to flooding. Flooding has led to service suspension on several train lines, including mine. So much for my nice civilized train commute.

So? The bus. I’ll be taking the bus.

What’s wrong with the bus? There’s nothing innately wrong with the bus version of the mass transit commute. It’s actually a little quicker than the train. It’s just that I get motion sickness aboard a bus, which means I can’t read or do anything, really, while on the bus. At least when I’m on the train, I can make use of that train time and read a book or check the NYTimes via BlackBerry. Can’t do that on the bus.

Oh, well. Until the flood waters recede and we can see the tops of the mountains again/find some doves flying around with olive branches for inexplicable reasons, I’ll have to deal. The important thing is to get to work on my first day on time.

I feel ready. Just anxious over what else could possibly go wrong in the morning.

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