Here is some gorgeous piano by Federico  Mompou, played by Anita Pontremoli. I got this album as a birthday gift last year, and it’s gotten a lot of play whenever I’ve been feeling really stressed or unfocused and messy. It helps, and it’s really lovely. I love Satie, but this is like Satie with more personality and a lighter hand in terms of drama (IMHO).

Cants Magics: Profond by Federico Mompou, Anita Pontremoli – piano:

[audio: Magics_ Profond.mp3]

This one isn’t dreamy in the same way, but the musical theme is very meditative. It’s from a Philip Glass opera about the life of Gandhi, the libretto is in Sanskrit, and this is from the last act. This piece is referred to as “Evening Song.”

Act III – King Newcastle March, Part 3 “Evening Song”, by Philip Glass from “Satyagraha”:

[audio: Part 3.mp3]

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