NOTE: I’m still trying to figure out why Chrome hates this WordPress template. It looks fine on Firefox and IE, but is apparently not Chrome-compatible. Just so you know – I’m not that lax about aesthetics.

Holy crap, have I been this negligent? I suppose it would matter more if I had a rabid blog following, but considering that I DON’T, it’s perfectly OK to disappear for, um, more than a year.

Since I got hit with 2 feet of snow Thursday into Friday and then more Friday into today, the prospect of sitting in front of the computer instead of shoveling seemed quite satisfactory. Here are some photos of the insanity Mother Nature chose to share:

public service field

The Field of Public Service


I call him Chubb-cicle.

I haven’t decided what my new “beat” or “hook” will be for this iteration of the blog, but I’ll think on it and get back to you.

I’ll come up with something. I’m starting a new job on March 15th and things are going to be changing a lot – A LOT. It’s that combination of being terror and excitement that is commonly called, “exhiliration.”

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