Sheesh. That’s a slowdown. From every day to almost once a month? Damn. The good part, I suppose, is that unlike previous breaks from blogging, this absence wasn’t prompted by a descent into depression or anything of the sort. I’ve been busy and haven’t felt that I have much worth putting up here. I’ve got 50+ drafts sitting in my draft folder… but those are things I started to write, realized I wasn’t quite sure how to finish and so I just saved them for another day.

That said, here I am. I have a night free. I’m on my third load of laundry, I’ve placed fresh sheets on my bed, I’m catching up on my RSS feeds (in which there are thousands of unread items so I’m going to go back about a week or so and just consider it done).

I’ve been spending weekends in the Philly area visiting friends. I’ve been rock-climbing a few times a week. I’ve seen a good portion of this year’s Academy Award Nominated films. One thing I want to do is come up with “Six Word (or less) Reviews” of those movies (inspired by the “Six Word Memoirs” at SMITH Magazine). So here’s a start (and I’ll just leave the ones I haven’t thought of yet blank… and maybe I can cut and paste into a new post later). I’ve seen six of them, so yeah. Reviews, not synopses, mind you:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button = Forrest Gump 2: The ‘Brad’dening

Frost/Nixon = (don’t have this one down yet)

Doubt = Holy star power & title misdirection

The Wrestler =Potentially laughable, but instead beautifully poignant

Slumdog Millionaire = Little too neat; little too sweet

The Reader = Nazi pedophilia love story: Oscar time (need to work on this one)

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