Once upon a time (in college, so within the last 8 years or so), I had a bright purple Clairefontaine notebook, clothbound.

I decided that notebook was going to be a  mixed media art piece, so I bought rubber cement, a self-healing cutting mat, various colors and types of electrical tape and duct tape, rub-on letters, and good scissors. I clipped interesting images and words and patterns from magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, flyers… whatever caught my fancy. And I supplemented with my own words and art – bits of my poems and random phrases that would fly around in my head, etc.

When all was said and done, it was a pretty cool piece.  I had pages that folded out, pages that were cut out and see-through to others, pockets and envelopes — all kinds of coolness. Somewhere between moving into and out of my apartment, it was lost. I’ve searched through storage boxes and I haven’t found it. It makes me quite sad to think that it’s gone because I put several years of work into it. It was the first and only book thus far that I was happy to see with a broken spine. It was filled and fattened to about twice its original thickness because of all the additional pieces of media thrown in.

Anyway – I was just thinking about it today and about how I haven’t done anything very creative lately… but that I have the elements. I’ve been liking a lot of the photos I’ve been taking lately, and there have been interesting phrases and thoughts and vignettes winding through my days and nights. So. It might be time to order up a new Clairefontaine notebook and try this experiment again. If I do, I’ll have to take photos/scans of the spreads as I make things I’m proud of. Yes indeedy.

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