There were flurries this morning. It was 23 degrees Fahrenheit last night. The high today was in the mid-30’s. Winter is here and I’m not quite ready – but I’ll be readier when my new winter coat arrives on Saturday. I have been checking the FedEx tracking just to be sure. It’s not like the status is going to change before tomorrow night, but I find it reassuring to look and see that, yes, it’s been shipped and, yes, the scheduled delivery is for Saturday morning. That means warmth.

In other news, I had a very successful rock-climbing night last night, and I was pleased. I conquered one climb that had gone unfinished several times last week – and I nailed it cleanly on the first try, and as my second climb after my warm-up. It felt really good and put me in a positive frame of mind for doing some more difficult ones afterward. I was afraid I’d wake up all kinds of sore this morning, but I didn’t. Which is both good, surprising, and bad. Good because I’m not sore. Surprising because I really sort of should be, especially in my shoulders and inner thighs. Bad because it means that I could wake up with The Soreness tomorrow. Oh, well.

The game plan is to go climbing for a few hours after work tomorrow and then head into the Village to see “Let the Right One In” at the Angelika. It’s been a movie-filled time; I saw “W” and “Quantum of Solace” last weekend. Both were OK, but not stellar. Judging by what I’ve read about “Let the Right One In”, it should be pretty good. I’m excited for it; the rest of the vampire-movie-loving people in the world will be heading out to see “Twilight” (what I am going to refer to as the “Chastely Lustful Sparkly Vampire Teens” movie).

Now I must set about important business… selecting some haircut photos from a hairstyles magazine to bring to the salon on Saturday morning. I get antsy about my hair almost every month. Usually, I can stave off the desire to chop or dye it, and I make it a few more months. This time, however, I am using my friend as an excuse. Her belated birthday gift from me is a haircut, so I figured I’d make an appointment around the same time so we can go together and BOTH get haircuts. Besides, the dry winter air wreaks havoc upon hair so trimming off some ends and changing the style is really a… ummm…. health issue. Yeah. That’s it. HEALTH.

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