Neil Gaiman’s new book, The Graveyard Book, is out. And Mr. Gaiman is on tour. And at every stop, he’s reading a chapter from the book. In order. And then his publisher (HarperCollins) is providing videos of him reading each chapter online. They’re calling it a video tour.

As someone who works in publishing, I think it’s brilliant. It wouldn’t work for the kind of books I work with currently, but it’s brilliant just in general.

As someone who is a bit of a Gaiman fanatic, I think it’s brilliant. He is a great reader (methinks) and it’s wonderful to be able to hear it. Right now, I’m writing and have the video running in another tab so I can listen to him while I’m thinking my thoughts.

This first chapter is absolutely charming. This is aimed at young adults, ages 9-12, but so was his book Coraline and that was creepy as hell. And I loved it. A 3-D movie version of that one is coming soon.

Anyway – check it out. Listen to/watch him read. And note how quiet the audience is. I can only imagine that they’re just as hypnotized by his reading as I am. I admit it – it’s a geeky literary schoolgirl crush. And that’s OK.

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