I intended to finish some work from home tonight, but that’s just not happening.

I intended to write something here that would be funny (or amusing at the very least) but that’s also not happening.

We had a department dinner at Cookshop and it was quite tasty and I’m quite stuffed and quite sleepy. I had a delicious cocktail – their Herbal Sour, which is made with Veloce herbal liqueur, rosemary, thyme (a fresh sprig or two as garnish, btw), fresh citrus and bitters. In the food arena: a lovely purslane salad with blueberries, hazelnuts and a champagne vinaigrette, then a NY strip steak with grilled peppers and chimichurri sauce, along with a carrot, radish and pistachio slaw. Dessert = grilled market peaches with saffron semolina cake, vanilla ice milk and ginger crumble. TASTY.

I hate to say it, but I think I’m even too tired and on the verge of food coma to read. It might be a movie night. I’m thinking classic – and I’m thinking noir. Perhaps Double Indemnity? Or Gilda?

Decisions, decisions. I might drop off to sleep before the end of the first scene, so it doesn’t matter all that much.

I love sleep.

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