For quite some time, it’s bothered me that I didn’t know the actual ending of that aphorism. I like to think of myself as a culturally literate person (English and psych majors: please enjoy unpacking that one), so this was especially annoying.

So I used the magic of the internets and looked it up. The full thing is:

If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

Of course. Of course! I can see now why we’ve truncated it thus – a) we’re inherently lazy and b) beggars are so passé.

Why am I even talking about this? I was thinking about how I wish it was the weekend already. And about my wishes and hopes for the weekend. I know I will have a good time, but I also hope to get some good pictures. My ultimate wish is to get a decent photo of myself. This photo of me with a cocktail umbrella behind my ear (from the one and only drink I had that night) isn’t the most “professional” thing to have up on Facebook. My primary contacts (and reason for joining) are work-related, so there won’t be “eva gone wild” photos coming any time soon.

Also, they don’t exist. Not only because I don’t allow photography (much like the Louvre and other great cultural centers) but because I don’t go wild. If I get a second drink, that’s a lot.

NOTEWORTHY: My friend Sara (coincidentally, the friend with whom I will be spending the weekend) has another review up on PopMatters, yo. Check it – she saw Earlimart perform and wrote about it. You can read it. And should.

Not as noteworthy: I’m watching Akira because while I’ve seen it before, I couldn’t remember a thing about it when it came up in conversation last week. I’ll probably fall asleep 20 minutes into it just by virtue of being in my own bed again, but I can hang onto it for a bit. I am sending back two Netflix tomorrow, so that means I’ll have two fresh ones heading my way shortly. Tasty fresh Netflix.

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