I’m feeling a bit mopey, but there’s nothing to be done about it right now.

I had a quiet weekend dog-sitting, going for short walks in the oppressive humidity and heat, watching movies and eating herbed goat cheese on crackers, in salad, with pasta… what can I say? I enjoy goat cheese.

I saw Hellboy 2. It was pretty good. I give them much credit for use of Barry Manilow alongside creepy-ass monsters (oh, Guillermo, Guillermo, Guillermo! such imagination!) and special effects. And I paid a mere $6 to see it since (unbeknownst to me) AMC Cinemas have this “A.M.” Cinema deal where any show before noon on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday is $6. The rest of the week, anything before 4pm is a matinee, but that’s still a hefty $8.

With those perceived savings, I went shopping at Century 21 (not the realtor; the fantastic department store with an unfortunate/annoying web site). While I didn’t find shoes, I did find a work-friendly little black dress (or, LBD) that I can wear tomorrow.

Now I am trying to purchase tickets for The Dark Knight in IMAX. Most regular times are sold out, which is fine. I’m thinking of a 10 a.m. showing on Sunday; it’s not sold out (yet). I’m just waiting to hear back from friends and see if that works for them. It would mean we’d have to meet up at about 8:30 in the morning to allow time to get to the theatre (45 minutes away), get seats and enjoy the film.

And just to provide some balance to this comic book-based movie orgy… well, I can’t even say that. I just watched David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence, starring Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello and Ed Harris. It’s based on a graphic novel by John Wagner and Vince Locke. Yes, I am aware of the differences between a comic book and a graphic novel; it just struck me, though, that a lot of the movies I watched this weekend (Hellboy 2, Tank Girl, A History of Violence) were based on some illustrated story form or another.  The big movie most people are clamoring to see next weekend also fits the bill.

Well, shyeeeet.

I guess I’ll watch something Jane Austen-based, just for the contrast it provides.

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