There are some good things I’ve read/watched lately that I keep meaning to write about. But I haven’t had that particular muse with me. Let me list them, at the very least:

Persepolis (movie)*

In the Woods (book)

American Nerd (book)

A History of Violence (movie)*

*Interestingly enough, both movies are based on graphic novels. Persepolis is animated, so it’s a more direct adaptation, but A History of Violence is also a graphic novel adaptation.

Tonight, I am annoyed at the prospect of having to start the search for a podiatrist come Monday. I’ve got some pain in my left foot and I think it might require surgery. That’s not going to stop me from trying to break out of my month-long exercise hiatus, though – tomorrow morning I’ll be playing a bastardized approximation of tennis. Then going swimming. It should all work out somehow – as long as I wear good comfy sneakers and socks.

Oh, to be young again. I say this with only a smattering of sarcasm. The first 4 months of being 30 haven’t been a health crisis, but I can’t eat anything and not have to pay for it anymore. I have to exercise – and exercise a LOT – to lose weight. I have to exercise a good solid amount to maintain the status quo. It’s annoying, but that’s just the way it is. So I hope I don’t have to get foot surgery (or that it’s minor and that I heal quickly); my only option without exercise would be to drink water and eat rice cakes. Not particularly inviting.

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