Since Friday, I’ve inhaled more dust (and, consequently, experienced more nosebleeds) than ever before. There’s been intensive cleaning – like, down to vacuuming out the insides of the baseboard heaters the tops of books on my shelves, and filling up a box with books I know I’ll never look at again and using the space from those to house newer books I WILL read again.

The first day back at the office after four days off is always hard. But I’m home now, watching “The Simpsons Movie” and about to do my Pilates DVD since I don’t have it in me to go running today. Anyways…

  • A fun little piece called, “Five Things I Learned from WALL-E“. Includes the (vary accurate) statement, “CG robots are better at expressing emotion than Lindsay Lohan, Hayden Christensen, and Katie Holmes combined.”
  • Ooh! Photos from the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” movie!
  • An interesting tidbit about how wine stores are organized in relation to pricing. It’s common sense and not surprising at all if you know a bit about retail merchandising or have read Why We Buy by Paco Underhill, but I always like corroborating stories: “They Always Buy the Ten Cent Wine” from Wine Economics.
  • One of the best wines I’ve found in recent times was a $15 bottle –Marques de Riscal Rioja Riserva (2003). I brought it to a dinner party along with another well-rated wine (a Shiraz) that was twice the price; everyone enjoyed the Rioja a great deal more. Maybe because the bottle was prettier 😉
  • Oooh²! A snazzy infographic about NAPS and NAPPING! I often feel that American workplaces should institute naptime and provide comfortable environs for it, but that’s a pipe dream… for now.
  • And another reason I love me some Gmail – they just introduced a super cool security feature that allows you to sign out remotely (if you happen to have logged in at, say, the office and then gone home without turning off your computer). You can read all about it at the Official Gmail Blog.

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