The phone thing = resolved. So now my cool new phone is activated, numbers are transferred and I can start erasing things from old phone and then donate it to charity/recycle it.

Problem solved.

The mildly annoying thing at this moment is that I can’t put any of the cool customized ringtones I created onto it since the service I used to use to do that ( now takes forever to process requests, and since they’ve not yet added my phone to their codex/compatibility list. So… Lifehacker to the rescue.

Gina Trapani and Co. posted this entry entitled, “Make a ringtone from any MP3.” That’s perfect because the songs I want to use are already MP3s on my computer. Magical thing, that.

So I’ll be installing Audacity, and following the rest of the steps so I create ring tones of the trumpet solo from Belle and Sebastian’s “Judy and the Dream of Horses”, the chorus of “Over and Over” by Hot Chip, and perhaps some excerpt from a They Might Be Giants song. Yes. I usually have my phone on vibrate, but these ring tones are helpful because they’d each be assigned to a person with whom I connect the song… so when I’m driving or not close enough to the phone to hear the buzz of the vibration, I’ll know who is calling and smile a bit – and maybe even pick up.

And tomorrow is Friday. This is another week that flew by both far too quickly and lasted far too long. The only issue I can see now is that it’s going to be in the mid-90s this weekend. 94 on Saturday, 95 on Sunday. That sucks because it’s going to be disgustingly humid, too. Unless I’m sitting in the central air, sitting in my car, or sitting in a movie theatre, I’m going to be one miserable chickadee.

Measures will be taken.

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