This morning, my grandfather died. All of my extended family lives in Poland, so some of us here are flying out tonight and Thursday to be there. I won’t be going since I have previous commitments I can’t get out of (especially after having been away for 10 days) and while I’m sad about that, I’m glad that some of us will be able to be there for my grandmother. It was a freak sort of situation in that he was supposed to be released from the hospital post-appendectomy tomorrow, but my grandmother noticed that his extremities were icy and saw splotches or lesions on his legs and called for the nurses. Then he started coughing, couldn’t stop, and declined from there. We haven’t gotten the official word on anything; it’s late in the evening there now, and we’ve been busy planning how to get out there (everyone on a computer, trying to coordinate flights from their respective desks/offices) so the answers will come in time.

Also, I realize that I didn’t really get a chance to acclimate to home quickly enough to say much about my time in California, but I will say (in short) that I had a wonderful time, enjoyed time with my friends, and that coming home wasn’t easy both because of what I was returning to and the things I started to miss almost immediately. So, a mildly bittersweet ending for me, but a good time overall.

It might be a day or two…

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