A meandering post, in list format… some things I want to do.

– Learn to tune a guitar (my friend has a guitar she’s offered to give me since she’s not touched it in something like 4 years… and it’s made for people with smaller hands and shorter fingers, so it would help solve the one problem I was having when I started learning this past fall… my fingers are short so I was having trouble playing certain chords because my fingers couldn’t reach the strings across frets).
– Learn to play a song on the tuned guitar.
– Learn to sew with a sewing machine and pattern, not just needle and thread.
– Sew a skirt for the summer.
– Study up on photography and become proficient using the manual features on my camera to take interesting and fetching photos.
– Participate in my company’s corporate walk in Central Park in June.
– Start learning another language (I know someone who can hook me up with Rosetta Stone software for basically any language – French and Japanese are the main contenders right now. Maybe I’ll go for both.)
– Do some market research/conduct an internal focus group at work (honestly, it would be a lot of fun to do with the product line I intend to center it around).
– Take some day trips to fun places either by myself or with friends.
– Go to more galleries and museums.
– Convert a friend (or family member) to a climbing buddy and maybe even get them to go for belay certification. Call me an evangelist.

rainbootsI bought some cute rain boots today. My Saucony Jazz sneakers, while incredibly comfortable, are not meant for puddle jumping, walking through wet grass, or other such rain-related activities. So I got to work with wet feet and that sort of set the tone for the day; I was a little mopey and “meh.”

On my way back to pet-sitting land, I stopped at a shoe store called Jubilee (B’way btw. 76th and 77th Sts) and bought the same rain boots I was ogling on Saturday. They were on clearance, they are cute, and they only had one pair left in my size. And they aren’t black, which is quite a change.

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