And the sun shines quite brightly in Southern California. Eva’s got herself some pink shoulders. And a tube of suncreen.

Yes – here at Coachella. Day 2 is just beginning. Quick update:

Yesterday, I saw the following: DJ Mehdi, Porter, Midnight Juggernauts, Rogue Wave (meh), Luckyiam, Les Savy Fav, Battles (yay), Dan Deacon (awesome audience interaction during his set), Jens Lekman (yay!), Cut Copy (yay), Sandra Collins (i kinda danced a little), Vampire Weekend (lackluster live), The Breeders, Goldfrapp, Aphex Twin (woo-hoo!), a bit of the Raconteurs (good live, meh on album – oh, Jack White), Serj Tankian and Professor Murder (yay!!). I heard Fatboy Slim from afar since he was in the large tent they’re using for electronic artists just a tent away from Professor Murder (who were pure energy live).

Tonight’s big draws are Prince and Portishead. The sound check for Portishead was my “getting dressed” music this morning across the tent-covered field. The view of the mountains here is unbelievable – just striking and amazing to wake up to. I’ll have my camera today so I’ll be able to take pictures and post them when I return.

Yay for adventure!

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