(I must acknowledge my friend Sara as the originator of this quote/curse. Please note, this utterance is most often performed while shaking one’s fist at the heavens. There’s another variation of the fist shake in which you state, “I shake my fist at you!” but that’s more of an alternative to “the finger” than a generalized cursing of life. Cuz that’s how we roll.)

Anyway – UPS attempted to deliver my new digital camera (birthday present) today. At 5:03, they were here. And since no one answered the door to sign for the camera, it’s back at a UPS facility, waiting until it can come to its new home tomorrow. Boo-hoo. So I exclaimed, “Darn you, life!” Not that today was horrible by any means – I was just looking forward to a new gadget. New gadgets are tremendous fun.

I went rock-climbing at 8:30 tonight and rolled home a bit before 11. It’s now after midnight and I’m not at all tired. This means I’ll be up late reading.

Maybe watching a movie I’ve seen a million times.

Maybe watching this video until I’m delirious and start giggling uncontrollably.

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