I’ll get to that answer.

I’m very tired (have been up and on the move since 5:30 this morning – at least I got some cool free books out of it) and I think being tired and a little stressed (busy busy busy at work) is affecting me emotionally at last. It’s what happens. Stress can take down both your physical and emotional immune systems like nobody’s business. There’s other stuff, of course (there always is) but it’s all stuff I just have to work out in my own damn head and not release as a burden on others.

siren.jpgI did get some new climbing shoes today, so that’s exciting. I’ve been doing the rock-climbing thing for a bit over 6 months now — and while I’m not doing a stellar job (OK enough to experience progress), I have to bear in mind that a) I’ve never been athletic, b) I am missing 3 of my wrist bones in my left hand and it’s still 60-70% weaker than my right wrist and c) I’ve only been at this 6 months.

My original shoes were OK – I didn’t spend too much on them because I wasn’t sure how far I was going to get with this. Well, yesterday, two people at the gym suggested I might need new shoes just because it seemed that the rubber on my (now) old pair was worn down due to normal wear & tear and not quite as sticky as it should be. I started looking a few weeks ago, but wasn’t positive that I needed them. Two suggestions in one hour = convincing. So I went over to an outdoor/climbing store after work and picked some up.

Those are the shoes over there [points up & left]. Some of the style names they give these shoes – esp. when they’re specifically for women – are pretty ridiculous. These are called “Siren.” Yes, siren… as in luring sailors to their deaths with a creepily hypnotic song. Then there’s a style called “Hottie” and another called “Elektra” (so you’ve got the choice of an awful Jennifer Garner movie or Marvel comics female ninja assassin… or return to an original spelling of Electra and you’ve got a Greek myth that gave birth to a Freudian complex called the Electra complex… female version of the Oedipus complex, in a really general sense.)

It’ll be good to try those out next time I go to the gym. Let’s hope they make a difference and give me some more confidence in my climbing. Sometimes a small exterior change can make all the difference to a personal perception and defeat a mental hang-up. Not the placebo effect exactly… but related, I suppose.

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