Ah, Presidents’ Day. The perfect day for sock-shopping. And carrot ginger soup. And watching season 2 of “Lost.” In the meantime, here’s are some of my newest findings in the realm of stuff that keeps me entertained and amused:

  1. If you a) don’t have time to read a novel, b) really enjoy the short story format, or c) just can’t get enough literature, how about getting a short story of the day from AmericanLiterature.com in your favorite RSS reader? RSS subscription link right here.
  2. Cognition and Language Lab is looking for volunteers to participate in some online experiments for a study called “Learning the Names of Things.” Results will be available in a few weeks – and that’s always interesting. It takes about 5 minutes (less, if you’re a quick clicker) so why not be a part of “experiments through the Web testing human reasoning, particularly in the domain of language.”
  3. While in Harmon’s looking for nail polish, I walked by an endcap with a (ridiculous) new product on display: “Betty – color for the hair down there.” For serious. It’s available in a variety of colors, including “FUN BETTY” – hot pink. Oh.
  4. I haven’t been to the UK in far too many years, but I did enjoy buying random cosmetics and stuff at Boots pharmacy whenever I passed one. Well, Target has picked up Boots cosmetics, so I can buy some fun stuff there.
  5. Mash-up of Kelis’ song Milkshake and the final scene of “There Will Be Blood.” Yes, this will get old and annoying quickly, but there’s that one move that DDL busts out that makes it worth the watching.
  6. And something my little sister shared with me yesterday. It brought me back to a happier, simpler time – when sarcastically cheery REM songs were all the rage.
  7. Games are fun. Waste some time playing Anti Pacman!
  8. Since 2000, I’ve been a HUGE proponent and fan of the Not For Tourists guides. I purchased the New York City one for myself for the first time in 2000 (they have them for pretty much every major city – Boston, Philly, D.C., San Francisco, etc.) Since then, I’ve bought one every year. And bought one for a friend who spends a lot of time in Manhattan, because it’s handy and not touristy and actually helpful. And then for another friend. And another. Who passed it along to another friend, etc. It’s most reminiscent of the “London A to Z” guide, if you’re familiar with that, except that it also provides information about where all the banks, bagel shops, hardware stores, coffee shops, etc. are located. Thus making it helpful even for someone who lives in NYC but who is in an unfamiliar region of the city and looking for something like a pharmacy or grocery store on their way to a friend’s apartment for dinner. Nice packaging. Useful information. Match made in heaven. I just got the 2008 version. Yay!
    NOTE! They’ve made the entire NYC, Brooklyn and Queens books available for FREE online in PDF format. Might be useful for some folks…
  9. Nail polish! OPI’s new spring/summer 2008 nail polish collection is called India and is inspired by (incredibly enough) India. I love these colors. They’re very new and have not made it into my local salon/beauty supply store just yet, but I can tell you that I will be purchasing Black Cherry Chutney and Royal Rajah Ruby as soon as I find them. Those are some beautiful colors.
  10. And a new purse. I’m a sucker for quality leather goods and striking colors – this bag meets both of those criteria. It’s this crazy pink shade of patent leather by Plinio Visona. Thankfully, this was deeply discounted off of its original $300 pricetag.


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