I’m feelin’ the music tonight. And going to bed early. I have to be up rather early tomorrow. So here are some country/alt-country/country-esque songs.

Starting with some genuine country from Bobbie Gentry. I knew she had an interesting background and Wikipedia informs me that she was one of the first female country artists to write and produce her own material. I particularly enjoy her seminal (and best-known) song, referred to as a Southern Gothic – “Ode to Billy Joe”:

[audio:http://www.researchgirl.com/parse/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/ode to billy joe.mp3]

Then, a country-esque cover of Howard Jones’ 80’s hit, “No One is to Blame” performed by Emile Millar. I have to admit that I just heard this on the soundtrack of the movie, “Waitress” and the entire movie as well as the soundtrack surprised me. I honestly didn’t expect to like it as much as I did/do:

[audio:http://www.researchgirl.com/parse/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/No One Is to Blame.mp3]

And finally, alt-country fun from Neko Case and “Hold On, Hold On.” This is one of those songs that crept into my head without my knowing it; the chorus would often repeat in my head during crap times (cheesy, I know) but I never consciously paid attention to who was singing it. At some point last year, I heard it and looked it up and said to myself, “Moron. You also love ‘Deep Red Bells‘ and it’s obviously the same woman singing. Moron.” These things happen:

[audio:http://www.researchgirl.com/parse/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/Hold On Hold On.mp3]

I really love singing all three of these songs. In the car. Because that’s how I roll.

And now I will set about the nighttime rituals so I can get up early and set about snow removal. We’re supposed to get a couple of inches of snow overnight and then icy rain tomorrow morning. Yippee!

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