I’ve been noticing a few blogs/sites lately that have been posting images of old-time advertisements that are pretty damn creepy. The focus of the creepiness seems to be overt misogyny (hmph – like that’s ever been a problem), but a baby with a razor is rather disturbing as well. At least it’s an illustration and not a photo.

Mental_floss just linked to a selection of ten of the creepiest including these (click for full-size – really, do):

creepyad1.jpg creepyad2.jpg

And the gossip blog Jezebel has a collection of what they call “oldies but goodies” with these horrifying examples:


There’s some overlap on this Daily Mail (UK) page entitled, “The outrageously politically incorrect adverts from the time equality forgot” but a few additionally crazy ones (which were collected in a postcard book called “You Mean A Woman Can Open It?: The Woman’s Place In The Classic Age Of Advertising” – seems to be out of print as it’s selling for $35 via sellers on Amazon):


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