I am not, by any means, a philatelist. However, I do get excited when the USPS drops some coolness into our US stamps. I bought a few sheets of the commemorative Audrey Hepburn stamp when that was out a few years ago and made sure I saved them to use on my holiday cards.

In 2008, the good ‘ol USPS is giving me a reason to break out the notecards and stationary again with these kick-ass Eames stamps:


Just lovely.

The Eames chair (second row, last column) is so sweet. My parents have one – old-school, from the 70s. It still sits in their living room, complete with the ottoman. I hope to acquire this chair. Perhaps when they decide it’s time to move to a sunnier clime and sort of scale down their house and possessions, I will make my move and kindly offer to take this chair so they don’t have to transport it to [Arizona? Florida?]

It beats paying $4000 to purchase one from the MoMA Design Store.

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