Month: December 2007

I found this cute “how-to” for making a pencil bag via Craftzine. I think it could easily be used as a cosmetic bag or any sort of little ...

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A new craft calling?

This is pretty awesome. An MIT initiative called “OpenCourseWare” makes virtually all the school’s courses available online for free...

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take classes at MIT

Almost two years ago now (it may be closer to a year and a half, but I’m not keeping track), I deleted my accounts at all the social networking ...

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Anti-social networking.

In the movie “Funny Face”, there’s a celebration of the color pink to rival all celebrations of colors everywhere. It’s a grea...

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Blue for 2008.

I actually enjoyed my holiday shopping this year. It was all done online, without setting foot in a store, and I didn’t have a single stressful ...

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Etsy is the best thing ever.

I’ve been trying to convince a male friend that Pride and Prejudice is worth reading as a serious and intelligent work of literature – muc...

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Ezra Pound says it’s OK.

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