june-storm.jpgThere’s some glorious rain and thunder and lightning going on in my neck of the woods tonight (see picture for the severe thunderstorm warning area.. I’m in that band of loveliness). It just started two minutes ago, so I’m looking forward to it lasting for a few hours at least since that will pretty much guarantee a good night’s sleep for me.

Or at least maybe once the air conditioning kicks in; it was 86 degrees indoors when I got home 30 minutes ago. I left the air conditioning on to maintain 80 degrees throughout the 96 degree day (because computers and TVs and DVD players and other such devices don’t like the heat too much) but someone else turned it off.

Nothing to do now but wait.

And maybe have a glass of ice water.

I’m still not functioning at 100%, but I do feel better than I have lately. The moments when I feel like a worthless piece of crap aren’t as frequent.

Haircut + antidepressants + some time with friends = good. Psychology Today featured a piece on folic acid recently (from a study published in 2003), so I might go pick some up. Folic acid has been shown to boost the response rate of SSRIs by 40 percent. We need it anyway, and I do have unexplained cravings for citrus fruits, legumes and leafy greens sometimes — perhaps my organism has been aware of a lack of folic acid around the time when depression strikes? I doubt that my body is that smart, but as long as I check out the dosage, it shouldn’t make things worse. Or, I can wait until next week when I have a visit with the doctor and ask him.

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