Between bridal showers and work, it’s been a wee bit crazy.
Wanna see something else I helped create?

It’s a knit-along blog site for Harry Potter-inspired knitted stuff… and we’re knitting for charity.

Now that I can step away from it for two minutes, I can set about purchasing lovely wool yarn so I can try my hand at knitting a hat for this knit-along. A co-worker inspired me to check out my local yarn store and see if they’re offering lessons of some kind since she’s taking some classes near her home; that could be a belated birthday gift to me in the coming weeks (since I don’t have anything to give myself tomorrow on my actual birfday).

I can knit and I’m still not terribly rusty, but my advancement into higher levels of knitting was hampered by this wrist thing and I am honestly a bit afraid to try more difficult techniques. Between additional difficulty and the speed with which my bum wrist gets exhausted these days, I could be so easily discouraged.

But I have also been inspired to re-read the latest Harry Potters. I know Sorceror’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, and Goblet of Fire pretty well thanks to the books and now the movies. I re-read Order of the Phoenix between Sunday night and the train ride home today, so I will start re-reading Half-Blood Prince tonight and should have that finished by Thursday – when “Volver” is scheduled to arrive from Netflix.

When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out in July, I’ll be all updated with the stories fresh in my head. Maybe I’ll take a long weekend before then and do nothing but sit in a park somewhere re-reading books one through six.

Now I am tired and want to sleep.

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