That En Vogue song just popped into my head. Geez.

SO – reasons for my absence lately? I spent all my free time last week and this weekend preparing for and then pulling off a surprise bridal shower for my friend. It went off beautifully and she was totally surprised and overwhelmed and happy – and I was soooo glad that she enjoyed herself and got to see all her friends gathered together to celebrate. Several friends couldn’t be there since they’re far away, but through a fine collaborative effort, gifts were sent to my home, sent with relatives and from abroad so that even those folks who couldn’t be there physically were able to participate.

I spent Friday party food shopping, getting a haircut, renewing my driver’s license, finally getting blood tests for the endocrinologist, baking and cooking until 2 am and then Saturday (yesterday) was party day… so I was packing, driving, unpacking, decorating and hostessing. Several guests arrived early to help me set up, so that was wonderful and helpful. My friend’s fiance did a great job of being my accomplice, too, and that helped tremendously. It also helps that we’re on friendly terms and that we can be on a similar wavelength when plotting something like this.

The surprise was successful; the party was fun. We got props for not doing the traditional stupid bridal shower stuff (paper towel wedding dress, bridal bingo, etc.)- instead, everyone was asked to send in a recipe or marital advice, or a photo of the bride and a favorite memory or story about her, and we made her a bridal scrapbook. It turned out quite nicely and I’m glad of that since it was the one thing that made me really nervous.

In the end, there was LOTS of laughter and several of the ladies in attendance commented on the soreness of their cheeks and jaws from smiling and laughing so much. You know that’s good. It made me feel good… I forgot to take my anti-depressant, and was still in a decent mood all day. Today – not so much, but the pills should kick back in by tomorrow.

I think that my lack of sleep and lack of proper nutrition (I haven’t really had time to eat in the last few days – or much appetite, for that matter) have left me a little drained since I keep having dizzy spells and vertigo today. I’m going to get into bed and re-read “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” since my order from Amazon hasn’t arrived yet 🙁

According to, I can look forward to a nice rainy April day on Wednesday, which will be the perfect birthday gift (seriously, not sarcastically). My goal is to not get all depressed and down in a funk about my birthday; things could be so much worse. Once I get some of these debts polished off (within the next 11 months), I will be able to afford rent and an apartment of my own again. And a moving company since there’s no way I’ll be able to move everything on my own (ever again) with my weakened wrist, even with help.

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