… this one was awright.

Since my 11th or 12th birthday, I’ve greeted birthdays with a mixture of dread, fear, anticipation (which I know will be wasted) and hopes for something surprising? Fun? Happy?

Usually, my birthday ends up being none of these things and, instead, is an exercise in commemorating bullshit OR reminding me of how much I’ve fallen short of my own goals and expectations OR just another day. I am OK with the birthday being just another day, but I also feel that it’s important for my own mental wellbeing to do something semi-memorable around this time of year so I can look back at some point and go, “Yeah – I remember what was going on when I was 22… or 25… or 29.”

Today was good. I was the recipient of the cupcake ambush (which was, technically speaking, a tart swarm) wherein my co-workers deftly snuck up on my cubicle. This was easy for them to do since I was deeply engrossed in chatting away with my cubicle neighbor about my dislike for Gerber daisies and saw her look over my head. I asked, “There’s a crowd of people behind me, isn’t there?” And she nodded. I finished my sentence and turned around to see everyone standing there with a raspberry and almond tart (+ candles) and a card. The tart was delicious; the card was funny.

Probably the most unintentionally funny part of the card was the fact that one of the guys I work with didn’t get a chance to sign it and was asking if it was too late – just as I was about to open it. I said he could still sign it since I had not yet opened it, so he did – and then handed it to me, informing me that he didn’t know what to write so he just wrote that he hated me. I opened the card and – yeah – that’s what he wrote.

birthdayhate.pngUnderstand that this is funny because a) if he actually does hate me, I think it’s quite awesome that he’d choose to share that in my friggin’ birthday card and b) if he doesn’t hate me, it’s awesome that this was sort of the default message that popped to mind. I mean, really – how often do you get a birthday card from a co-worker, especially in this day and age of political correctness and whatnot, that expresses something either a) this honest or b) this silly?

I have yet to discover who was responsible for printing up pictures of cupcakes and taping them to my chair and cubicle wall with the text, “it’s my birthday!” and “happy birthday eva!” I’ll interrogate tomorrow… but it will be a friendly interrogation. Much more of a “May I reward you with a lollipop?” than a “Hello, my name is Torquemada.”

One of my other co-workers with whom I work pretty closely provided me with a gift that’s testimony to our respective office supply and paper goods fetishes. I’m a wee bit obsessed with the Paperchase goods sold by Borders and the striped pattern and calligraphic florals in particular. I received a notebook and business card case in the striped pattern (to match my totebag, train pass holder and cosmetics case) and a mini notepad in the floral – as well as a tin of colored pencils in a smiling monkey pattern. I’m really so easy to please… give me pretty things that I can write with/on/in or otherwise play with, and I am a happy clam.

After hearing about my scrapbooking success this weekend, my friend Krys hooked me up with some gift card action for A.C. Moore so I can get more crafty goodies, as well as some super cute mod graphic mini notecards… which, I feel, will be quite lovely as thank you notes 🙂

I left work a bit early so I could make it down to my dinner “date” with friends. There was motarded traffic on the way (I have such a rough time understanding rubber-necking. Really.) but I got there a bit after 6, then we went to dinner at a Thai restaurant nearby. I had a delicious shrimp curry (with pineapple and coconut milk and onion and peppers and tamarind and Massaman curry) and also got the special birthday treatment, which involved two candles in the dessert and a special CD of the birthday song sung by a Thai gentleman in a super hopped-up dance version. It was crazy… and Theresa was all dancing and clapping in her seat, so I was laughing and my eyes were watering and it was good.

The laughter continued as we discussed a variety of things including the Thundercats theme song, music inspired by the Mortal Kombat video game, the Mortal Kombat movie itself, DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat” and Alanis Morrisette’s cover of the Black-Eye Peas, “My Humps” – which I had not yet seen. Just those few things managed to send me into fits of laughter unheard/unfelt for many many months. Upon returning to their home, I watched the video and continued to laugh because I now have new-found respect for Ms. Morrisette or, as I shall now call her, Her Canadianness.

I love it when people don’t take themselves too seriously, and I love parody. This combines a bit of both… and is a far cry from her serious jagged little pill of a chick days (when I couldn’t stand her at all.)

Anyway – I’m home. I had birthday flowers from the family waiting and promises that we’ll ‘celebrate’ my birth this weekend. If you remember back to earlier in the post, it might be as anti-climactic as it’s been in past years and leave me a little down… but I had a good day today and that’s a great help.

Now I’ll pick up at page 212 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and see how far I can get before I succumb to slumber.

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