Incredibly, I managed to awaken bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6 a.m. today – even before the alarm went off.

I shall skip the incidentals and move right to the fact that massages are wonderful. I had an hour long “stress reliever” massage; while I’m not obviously stressed, my back and neck muscles tell quite a different story. The massage therapist confirmed that my rhomboids were in knots.

Here are your rhomboids (and if you look like this, dude – lay off the roids):

Your rhomboids in a knot, looking rather sinister and rabid bunny-like:

Ok. Enough.

But a massage is good.

I get to meet a new arrival tonight – my friend Michelle’s 3 month old daughter, Juliette. She’s beyond adorable. I won’t post a photo since I don’t think her parents would appreciate their infant out on the Internets at the tender age of not-quite-FOUR MONTHS, but look at that cute pink baby foot.

No, no tinglings of maternal longing. I’ll enjoy holding her and talking like my brain has disappeared, but there’s no tugging in the pit of my stomach or heart. I will gladly admit that her parentals are quite justified in being proud and happy and smitten with their wee infanta.

I’m going to take a lesson from the little one and try to catch a quick nap before I head over to meet her.

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