Had my post-surgery checkup yesterday and am stuck in this same cast for another two weeks. However, the doctor had some X-rays done in the office and I’m healing very well – for just a week after surgery. The doctor actually thanked me for healing well; I don’t know if that’s just a thing he does or if he was thanking me for listening to his instructions and doing the exercises with my fingers and keeping my arm elevated, etc.

I’m getting a little better/faster at typing with one hand, but I don’t like it. One bit. It’s still slow and annoying.

I’ve added more of my library to LibraryThing.com; it’s easy to add ISBNs with one hand since I can just use the number portion of my keyboard. I’m up to almost 850 titles. I commemorated the event by posting something to the book portion of this blog – here.

Time to wash my hair. It’s a whole f***ing production. Since I can’t shower, I have to run a bath and tie my casted arm up in a plastic bag, then pull down the shower head (since I have one of those with a hand-held sprayer) so I can wet and rinse my hair without getting the plastic bag arm too wet.

My hand and wrist are hurting a good deal today. I haven’t taken any Motrin or anything today, so that might be it. I’d best do that soon, too. Ugh.

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