Should I bring back up the long-defunct researchgirl forum?

Would readers/visitors have things to talk about?

Do we want interactivity?

Could people have “good dinner table” forum discussion and not resort to insults and vague implications about a person’s sexual preference or attacks on the token Republican(s)?

Comment or email me at eva at-thingie and let me know. Be honest. Be forthright.

2 thoughts on “what say you?

  1. I assume I’m your token Republican! Sure, I’d be happy to participate. Although I will not defend my political bent – just for the record. It is what it is. And you know that, so it’s not really necessary for me to inform you. I will remain in my neutral corner… Hope we can discuss other pertinent topics of interest…

  2. Krys- While I fully embrace your friendship along with its accompanying political standing, you were not the token Republican mentioned, actually. In the last iteration of the forum, my friend was somewhat viciously rebuked for some of his views on things that revealed him to be a non-Democrat. I wrote little disclaimers, made sure that people were aware this was a forum for DISCUSSION, not attack… and yet, it continued. That, and some other factors – people linking the forum to some strange female-body building sites, resulting in messages asking me to photograph my biceps, creepy, etc. – made me decide it was better to just take ‘er down. Maybe the time has come… maybe the readership has changed. However, as you can see from the comments, there are far fewer people participating than there are people viewing… or so it would seem. The jury’s still out on this one.

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