The three minutes between the penultimate train stop and home are almost interminable. I don’t know why… the rest of the 40 minute train ride flies by… then those last three minutes drag on forever.

I had a lot of work to catch up on today as a result of being out on Friday due to the snow. I pretty much had it under control by lunchtime, but that was due to rapid-fire email and spreadsheet composition and other such activities from 9:30 through 1:30 SOLID. Still, I felt good having a lot to do. I hate being bored – I’d rather have 5 or 6 things ‘coming down the pike’ or ‘on my plate,’ to use the biz-speak, than to be sitting there wondering what’s next.

Also, my business cards finally arrived! Mommy, wow! I’m a big kid now. OK, I’ve had business cards before… actually, at every job I’ve had since graduating from high school. But I never get tired of getting them. I love work-related things like business cards and office supplies and stationery and nice pens and whatnot. Planners and calendars are sweet, too.

I’m planning to have a few of my former co-workers over on Friday evening for hors d’oeuvres and tea and cake for a holiday type gathering. It will give me a reason to break out of this funk a little. I am not cleaning yet today, but tomorrow I will start.

I also got a nice compliment from my boss today about the audio walking tour I wrote last week. She told me it reads really well and that it’s nicely done, so now I get to work on the one for a European city. I won’t name names or anything because I don’t want to run the risk of revealing confidential information on my blog. That’s horribly gauche, not to mention unprofessional.

Tonight’s feel better movie is going to be “Bring It On”, a cheerleader movie. Yes. And I am straight and a female. It’s just hilarious and it sort of confuses me since I was vehemently anti-cheerleader in high school (yeah, I bet you’d never have guessed THAT about me) and yet I find this movie fantastic. Yes, it mocks cheerleaders but also makes them out to be human and multi-dimensional. I mean, the one played by Kirsten Dunst (whom I truly dislike in every other movie and cannot stand) gets with the cute alterna-artsy musician boy. There are other fun things about that movie – two actresses who were in “Buffy” the TV series were in that movie together and there are lots of little inside jokes. Like the fact that the high school is called “Rancho Carne High School”.

I’m singing along to the Rasputina version of “Barracuda.” After this, I watch the movie and get to sleep soon thereafter. Need to put in the extra time at work so I can take my early departure on Wed.

In chatting with a friend online, he suggested that maybe I need to squeeze a stress ball or something. I replied that I have one and that it did jackshit.

me: the only thing that’s ever worked is kicking a hole through a wall with my heel
me: and I can’t do that everyday
me: and I did it only once
me: when I was 22
me: then I had to spackle and plaster and paint the wall.
me: maybe I should just buy some drywall and 2x4s and build little fake walls in the backyard for kicking.

It’s an idea.

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  1. Ah, now I see the clues. (Hit me with a brick, why don’t you.) I will try and look more closely next time.

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