FIRST AND FOREMOST: go to and download brand new Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and replace IE with Firefox as your browser of choice. Tabbed browsing! ALSO, while you’re at it, download the extension theme called Black Japan. It’s the absolute sexiest browser theme I’ve ever seen… and I’ve seen a few sexy browser themes/skins.

Screen shot…


Not the clearest or the largest, but it gets the idea across.

I completely forgot that tomorrow is the rescheduled first day of my yoga/pilates class at work. I think I’m just going to have to bring a change of clothes – or just an extra pair of yoga pants to change into. I am going to be totally nervous now and have trouble falling asleep worrying about it. I am willing to bet that all the females in that class will be thin and trim and I’ll feel like crap about myself. I’m hoping there is someone in there who is more realistically shaped, other than me.

Also tomorrow, my boss and I are leaving the office a little early to go to the Empire State Building to do some research on-site. Very cool.

Today, I got an email from boss’s boss telling me that she enjoyed talking to me at the dinner last night and that I did a really nice job on all the materials I produced for the conference. Yay! And my personalized notepads/stationery arrived! No business cards yet, but the stationery is pretty jazzy. And when I told my boss about the nice email from our boss, she told me I am doing a great job. Besides everything else that’s good about it, I am totally feeling appreciated and beyond competent at my new – well, 7 weeks old – job. And I enjoy it. And my benefits kicked in today, so I can go to the doctor and the dentist and the optometrist and the pharmacy and only have to pay a co-pay. At last! I haven’t been taking allergy meds or birth control for 3 months because I couldn’t afford to pay for them without insurance.

Just to clarify, I’m not leading some scandalous double-life as a sex goddess. Oral contraceptives have some great benefits like making a woman’s period very regular, very short, very light, and the added boon of preventing acne. The minute I paused the pill, I started getting the horrible painful deep-rooted period zits – only once a month and only 2 or 3 at a time, but they’re bad enough. I look forward to being rid of those. Ugh. And to think, I used to get compliments on my skin!

Today was fairly uneventful otherwise. I worked at work, napped on the train, and had leftover filet mignon for dinner. I almost missed the train this morning, but I was wearing comfy shoes and managed to get out of the car (remembering to turn off the headlights), locked it up, and sprinted to the platform before the last person boarded the train.

I’m going to paint my toenails and go to sleep.
Be gone, Thursday.
Friday awaits.

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