This morning’s commute in was sorta comical. My 8:33 train was delayed
because of a disabled train further up the track. Eventually, they just cancelled the 8:33 since it was never going to get there in time and put us on the 9:13 express from another location, which had to be changed to a local since another train was disabled along the way and stuck at the next station. The 9:13 express/local, however, doesn’t go directly to Hoboken and stopped at Newark where we were informed we’d have to wait for 14 minutes for our connection. Luckily, upon arrival, we found that the train right behind us was going to Hoboken as well and didn’t have to wait more than a minute to board the train to Hoboken. So, I got here at 10:30 this morning.

I just went downstairs to get lunch and on the elevator down, a lady I don’t know and have never seen here before told me I have a nice smile (since I smiled at her when she got in the elevator as she almost walked into me, expecting it to be empty.) I thanked her and told her that my dentist tells me the same thing, but that I have to pay him to say it, so her compliment means even more. She laughed and thanked me for making her feel good… it was just the Elevator Car of Jollity and Good Vibes, apparently.

Also, work has a great cafeteria. I am lunching on rice pilaf, carrots with dill and a spinach, mushroom and goat cheese tart. Yummmy. Despite the fact that I don’t like mushrooms, it’s delicious.

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