This was a rather lackluster day. There was no parking at the train station so I was forced to drive in to work. That sucked because I had to pay $14 for parking for the day. Oh, well. I will try to catch the EARLY train tomorrow and do it that way. I muddled through the day. I did things, of course, but nothing particularly exciting or stressful or worth note, really. That’s a first here, but it won’t last. I already know I have lots to do tomorrow when people start responding to my email and whatnot… the time will fill up with things to do rather quickly.

To that end, I baked cookies tonight to bring to work tomorrow: chocolate marbled cookies. The batter is made with sour cream, and then you swirl in melted chocolate chips and spoon it out onto a cookie sheet with the chocolate marbled through the white batter. They’re cooling in a tupperware with the lid off since I didn’t dare leave them out in the open with my family around. Despite their bitching that I baked sweets and that there are too many fat people in our house for me to even be TOUCHING sugar and butter, the minute those cookies were out of the oven, they were disappearing off the cooling rack and cookie sheets. When I packed them up, my mother asked me, “You’re not taking ALL of them to work, are you?” Ha ha ha.

I brought some work home with me, but I will leave it for tomorrow AT work. That would be the better plan. Tonight, I think I’ll get to bed early – like 9ish – and try to be up at 6:30 tomorrow. I won’t fall asleep that early, but I can be relaxing and getting into a sleepy state.

In order to share something that makes me happy, here are some photos:


That is my Christmas present from Theresa and Kofi – a National Geographic Doll of the World representing China, and a Giant Microbe Bookworm (Anobium punctatum). I positioned them in a state of warm bookworm/little girl embrace. The bookworm now resides at my desk at work near my librarian action figure. The little Chinese girl resides in my room near my other Asian type items, like my sumi brush set, relaxation balls and tea set. Thematic organization. I dig it.

Here is a photo attesting to my decent hair day today. It’s in a ponytail now since I didn’t want hair in the cookie dough, but I think you can still tell that it’s having a good shiny day.


And bedtime for me. I’m going to take a break from the Chronicles of Narnia and the other books I’m working through to read some short stories from an anthology called, “The Art of the Story.” I haven’t read many short stories in my life, so I think it’s about time to get a little more of that under my belt and learn to appreciate (or not) that literary form. Just because I’m not good at writing short stories doesn’t mean I have to hate them. Novels I can deal with because I have no false confidence about being able to write one; the same goes for a longer work of non-fiction. But I’m an AWFUL short story writer, so it sometimes bothers me to see how effortlessly others seem to do it.

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