Not only is “Enjoy the Silence” a good Depeche Mode song, it’s a good sentiment.

I’m not enjoying it quite yet. I’m going to the movies tonight and THEN I will enjoy the silence – at least for a little while. Chances are that tomorrow will be tree-decorating day, and everyone has their own opinion of how that should go and how the tree should look in the end. I feel that since my sister and I clearly have the most pleasing esthetic sensibilities in the house, we should do the art direction and implementation and everyone else should just get out of the way – and then remember to water the tree once in a while.

Today I had my first yoga/pilates class at work. It was pretty intense and showed me just HOW out of shape I am in terms of my abdominal and back strength. Thankfully, I have maintained some flexibility and was able to do most things in a non-modified form. Honestly, the worst part was that the room is covered in mirrors, so I had to see myself. It was jarring and not very pleasant. However, the instructor kept the lights very low, so it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. But I was wearing black so it was pretty bad – my chubby cheeks and chubby arms were shining like big white root vegetables against the darkness of my clothes. I felt very good afterwards and it was worth it. I get the feeling that it’s going to really help me get back on track with my exercise and fitness routine. Those endorphins are addictive.

My field trip to the Empire State Building was postponed until Monday, though. Oh, well.

I’m going to go downstairs and have a bowl of cereal or something since I need dinner.

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