I feel nauseated. I don’t know if I ate my pizza too quickly or what. I’m not lactose intolerant, as far as I know.

Maybe it’s a physical manifestation of the ick I’m feeling. After we got back from dropping off my parents, I wanted to start baking Christmas cookies since my siblings and I seemed to be in good moods, watching “Mythbusters” together, etc. Nope. The minute I wanted to do something that involved not sitting on the couch or sitting on the couch with a laptop in tow, no one wanted to talk to me.

Oh, well. I’m not going to do it by myself right now since baking with resentment never leads to anything positive or tasty.

I could continue cleaning, but my stomach and head feel funny. I could nap, but that would be ridiculous since I’d have a tough time waking up normally tomorrow. And I want to be on the EARLY train since I would like to come in early and work a little late Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday since I’m taking a half-day Wednesday for panoramic X-rays and other pre-wisdom tooth extraction consultation procedures.

Then I need to do some Christmas shopping. FIRST and foremost, secret santa gift for work. That’s “due” on Friday. Then I know what I’m getting for my little brother, my sister, my mom and my dad. No idea what I’m getting for my other brother and little brother’s girlfriend. And I have lots of knitting to finish. I’d do that today, but I’d fall right to sleep.

Ugh. I’m just feeling crappy and cruddy and NOT full of vim, vigor and pep. I’m looking forward to work tomorrow, though. At least I’ll be forced to be sprightly and active. Speaking of which, it’s time to do some laundry so I have clean attire for this week.

Did I mention that I’m a shitty person since I fell dead asleep during my nap and slept right through until this morning, missing Toni’s party? I have yet to call her and apologize since I feel so foolish and embarrassed at having FALLEN ASLEEP. Lame-ass reason.

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