I was forced to cancel my appointment for wisdom tooth extraction when I learned that the oral surgeon doesn’t take ANY sort of insurance and instead basically expects everyone to pay up front and then sort of see if they’ll get something back from insurance. I can’t afford to put down more than a thousand dollars for wisdom tooth extraction and then WAIT until it comes back to me in part or in whole.

So… I have to find an in-network oral surgeon. This isn’t a problem. The problem is that over these past few days, probably tied into my added stress overall, my jaw and gums and teeth are REALLY hurting a lot. The likelihood of being able to make an appointment for an extraction before the holidays is slim… the likelihood of making an appointment on a Friday so I don’t have to take more than one day off of work is even slimmer… the likelihood of making an appointment for a day when a sibling can drive me back and forth is slimmer yet and I’m getting to be in quite a lot of pain.

Monday I will take a few minutes and see if I can’t make that appointment for sooner rather than later… though it will have to wait until the 1st of the new year, it would seem. Grrr.

Thus, I am whiny and cranky. My lower right jaw = really bad. And now the tooth is beginning to erupt through the gums of my lower right jaw. I can see why infants are so fussy and cry so much when they’re teething. It’s a pretty disgusting sort of dull pain. I’m going to pop some Motrin or something to reduce the pain and bring down the inflammation and also rinse with my prescription mouthwash that also reduces inflammation. You can just call me “Itis.”

In case you’ve forgotten some of your suffixes, the suffix “-itis” means inflammation. Hence, rhinitis… inflammation of the nose. Like rhinoplasty is a nose job. Encephalitis = inflammation of the brain… like in EEG, electroencephalograph. Arthritis (inflamed joints), sinusitis (inflamed sinuses), phlebitis (inflamed vein/blood), gingivitis (inflamed gums.) They’re all rather fantastic words.

Today was a sort of slow and down day. My father woke me up by screaming at me to take the car to the DMV for inspection. Which I did, but I was in a bad mood from the start as a result. That took a few hours and then I returned home and brought the Christmas tree in with my brother. It needed to sit for a few hours so the branches could spread out and get all pretty and full. In the meantime, I did some dishes, watched a movie with my brother’s girlfriend and napped intermittently. I made corn muffins and then had some dinner. I showered. I napped.

And I’m still amazingly tired, and a little sore from yesterday’s exercise/workout session. I think I am going to get right into bed and go to sleep for the night since the naps didn’t help much. It’s probably got something to do with the weather and the upcoming snow and rain tomorrow. It affects my sinuses and allergies. I’ve got barometer sinuses, apparently – highly sensitive to air pressure.

Whatever. Feeling dizzy. Must sleep.

2 thoughts on “dental dilemma

  1. Um, I just wanted to let you know that I am obsessed witht he Bamboo Tea candles from Target. Unfortunetly I can’t find it anywhere anymore. Not even TARGET! I hate it cus my candle just ran out and I have never found such an awesome smelling candle after that one. Have any suggestions?

  2. This is a problem. You can also check out Pier 1 since they tend to have these sort of “Asian-themed” candles and scents. Their Asian Spice candle is a good scent too, if you liked the Bamboo Tea one.

    I’ve also recently discovered the Henri Bendel Home candles at Bath and Body Works which are quite delightfully scented. They have a huge selection of fragrances, so it might work out for you.

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