The current conditions from the toolbar read, “blowing snow.” Does that mean that previous snow is blowing due to strong winds? Does that mean it’s something more than a flurry? Is it fresh? Is it old? The nomenclature has me thoroughly confused. “Blowing snow.”

I didn’t go to work today since it took a solid three hours to shovel the driveway and my street wasn’t even plowed until after noon. There was no way I was going to get to the train station, much less work, safely and at a decent hour.

I slept for an extra few hours and then took care of some around the house stuff.

My doctor’s appointment at 5:30 wasn’t cancelled and since the roads were pretty OK by that point, I went. The roads weren’t that bad – I fishtailed a few times since things were beginning to ice over, but there weren’t any near death experiences. The other people driving on the roads, however, were the most dangerous part of the equation. It seems that mild brain damage or dementia occur when there is snowfall over 2″.

C’est la vie.

Considering that I slept a lot, it’s strange that I am as tired as I am right now. It just became 9:00, and I’m ready for bed.

Granted, I do have to be up early to go to the bank and then do a teensy bit of Christmas shopping. As noted earlier in the week, I don’t have the finances to go hog-wild, but I have a $10 secret Santa gift to purchase, as well as a gift for our charity toy drive at work and a couple of other little things from my family member’s Christmas lists.

Thank goodness I have a haircut tomorrow. I have been wearing ponytails far too often lately since the ends of my hair are such a pain to brush through and style in their current state of ill-care. I’ll probably decide when I get there whether I want to stay long or HACK HACK HACK away at it. I will also take my stylist’s two cents under advisement. That’s an opinion I can trust.

Unfortunately, I cannot go to bed just now. I have been guilted into helping my mother make pierogi in preparation for Christmas. I won’t be much help and will probably just fall asleep on the couch. Oh, well.

One thought on “blowing snow?

  1. Yay for snow day! Seems like it sort of turned into a three day weekend for you. Except for the snow shoveling part, and the doctor’s appointment driving part. Okay, maybe like a hectic three day weekend.

    In southern California today, many people were wearing short sleeves because it was about 70 degrees. But tonight, it cooled down to about 50 degrees. (Ooh, have to put on long sleeves or a light sweater…)

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