Today, my boss and I left work at 4:30 and went to the Empire State Building to take the audio tour up on the observation deck as part of our research for an upcoming project. The view was quite lovely. Unfortunately, I did not bring my digital camera with me and didn’t even think to whip out the camera phone. Oops.

It was still pretty awesome. I think it was the first time I went up on the observation deck, actually. Strange.

When we left, we were discussing the likelihood of a snow day tomorrow and we are in agreement that it would be a good thing and that the timing would be right on. It wouldn’t interfere with any big plans, and would be a welcome little break. So, I am going to be hoping for it, but going to sleep early just in case I have to sweep and scrape snow and ice off of the car. I bought extra gas today to make sure that I have more than half a tank full and so the gas lines don’t freeze.

Tonight’s little tea ritual features Republic of Tea Honeysuckle White Tea. Tasty-licious. It’s very nice and delicate – a great nighttime tea.

I’m rather excited about several upcoming movies… Memoirs of a Geisha, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Producers, The White Countess and even King Kong a little. Normally, I’d stay as far away from King Kong as possible, but I trust Peter Jackson. He impressed me with Heavenly Creatures and then with Lord of the Rings… I’ll trust him with this. I may have to eat my words, but that’s always a risk I run.

My ears hurt a little from the windy top of the building and not wearing a hat. I’m going to take some Motrin and get to bed. And hope against hope and wish against wish for SNOW tomorrow. A significant, work-preventative amount. Not because I want to miss work, but simply because I want a snow day… there’s just something really great about a snow day… knowing that you are absolved from being at work or being responsible in that way. You’re NOT playing hooky, you’re NOT being irresponsible… no one is coming in because it’s just too gosh-darn dangerous.

Oh. I also drew a name out of a bowl today for my SHEGP – Secret Holiday Exchange Gift Pal. That’s our mellifluous acronym at work. I got someone I know a little bit and who should be pretty fun to buy for. I might go the really really surreptitious route and create a temporary hotmail or gmail account and send email to my SHEGP asking silly questions about likes/dislikes so I can select a somewhat appropriate silly gift. I enjoy all these cheesy seasonal trimmings.

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