It’s 2:39 and I just got home – yes, on a “school night.” I’ll wake up at 7:30 to catch the 8:30 train and might actually drink some coffee tomorrow. Gasp. I know. But I stayed out late and I don’t have the option of going in late tomorrow… so I have to do what I must to be functional. THIS is part of the reason I don’t drink coffee if I can help it. Other reasons are that it leads to gastrointestinal distress and also makes me really wacky and punchy if I’ve been getting sufficient sleep. Without sufficient sleep, it should keep me on a fairly even keel until I get home tomorrow night and collapse.

In short – and to be expounded upon tomorrow – tonight was great. Seeing the Village Halloween Parade with Theresa and Kofi was great. Getting Ethiopian food with them was great. Going to the Rasputina show with LJ and Theresa and Kofi was great. Rasputina were great. We saw many strange and wondrous things – like a man wearing silver lame and assless chaps (with his silver lame clad girlfriend alongside him with short shorts) walking out of the PATH train when we reached Hoboken.

Damn. I’m tired. My legs hurt. My feet hurt. I’ll finish this after work when I’ve napped and have some energy.

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