Since it’s Veteran’s Day, the train this morning was practically empty. However, two highly entertaining German tourists boarded at the station after mine.

They were young ladies in their early to mid-20s and you’d think they’d just boarded an international space station instead of a NJ Transit commuter train. Mind you, they did not appear to be from an “East Bumble-Burg” portion of Germany so they were probably just very excited to be traveling as the locals do. It’s a very European method 😉

So, as they’re searching for a seat (there were plenty, so I guess they wanted a particular view – or that perfect orange vinyl to sit upon) they’re talking very excitedly and quickly in German. If I knew more than airport German, I’d probably have been able to gather the gist of their conversation, but I don’t. After they paid for their tickets, they asked the conductor to take photos of two of them sitting in the orange seat and smiling. Yes, that’s right. Just sitting on the train. The conductor (one of my favorites – I always get his train in the morning) obliged them with not one but TWO photos each on TWO digital cameras.

It was just funny. My “daily grind” was a tourist attraction.

I got here a little while ago and decided to break open my box of Trader Joe’s Jasmine Green Tea. I’ve basically gone through a box of Trader Joe’s Organic Mint Melange Tea within 3 weeks. Imagine my delight upon pulling out the little wrapped teabag and seeing that the back of the teabag has a quote from Clive Barker on it:

“…She had that brand of pragmatism that would find her the first brewing tea after Armageddon.” – Clive Barker, Weave-World

Tea with Clive Barker quotes. How awesome is that?

Update @ 11:37 a.m. – The Yoga and Pilates class was rescheduled to start on Dec. 2 since the instructor’s mother is ill and then the holidays get in the way. Boo-hiss. It took a lot of nerve for me to walk downstairs and enter that room all by my lonesome. However, I did it – I met the instructor (who is more Nutley than Naropa**, for which I am thankful), and I think it will be OK.

And I ask: “Where mah damn bidness cards?”


** Nutley, NJ has been the butt of humor in episodes of “The Simpsons” and other such fun. It’s about as close to the stereotype of New Jersey residents as you can get while actually in the state of NJ. Otherwise, the New Jersey stereotypes are more representative of certain New Yorkers. LJ, Aaron and I have a sort of inside joke thing going based on “The Simpsons” humor and also resulting from when they were apartment hunting back in the day and looked at a place in Nutley which was populated by obese mutants resembling people from the movie “Deliverance.” They decided that Nutley was a mutation. I don’t have much against Nutley considering that my shrink (ha! ha! how appropriately and strangely funny) is there, as is a Starbucks I like to visit since my friend Erin works there.Naropa, in case you don’t know, is private liberal arts college/university out in Boulder, Colorado that’s based in the Buddhist religious tradition, as opposed to a Jesuit or Jewish or Roman Catholic tradition. Any hippies I’ve ever known have dreamt of going there or have actually attended since it’s a sort of Utopian university goal for those who have strong spiritual and social conscience issues/reservations about attending a public university or a private one that’s profit-driven (ummm… that’s like ALL of them, including my alma mater.)

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